Administrative law covers an important practice area of Karagounis & Partners legal activity. As a branch of public law Administrative law refers to the legal principles governing the administration and regulation of government authorities as well as their relation with the citizens and business entities.

Karagounis & Partners has an expertise in handling Agency and Distribution issues either litigation or consulting. The legal focus of agency agreements and distributorship revolves around the relationship or agreement to trade under the name or brand of a distributor.

Mediation is a very successful Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) technique, which was first introduced in the Greek legal system by Greek Law 3898/2010, “Mediation in civil and commercial disputes”, following relevant European Directive.

Karagounis & Partners is operating in all areas of general antitrust law, including but not limited to unfair competition, antitrust issues, Competition, Deceptive Trade Practices, Price-Fixing, Trade Regulation, and Unfair Trade.

Karagounis & Partners represents major bank institutions in credit and litigation cases, lawsuits, injunctions, disputes between borrowers and creditors, compulsory enforcement, land registry audits and registrations.

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